A Treasure Trove of Beefmaster History

I was recently visiting my friend Derek Frenzel, and he shared an incredible piece of history. Ronnie Ranley, a longtime Beefmaster breeder and friend, died in 2016. His wife, Lonnie, gave a binder to Derek following Ronnie’s death. It contains almost every FBA newsletter from June 1982, when I assume he joined FBA, through December 1995, when FBA and BBU merged to become Beefmaster Breeders United. It is an amazing glimpse into history, filled with so many names from my youth. (I joined the business in 1993.) It is wonderful testament to Ronnie’s devotion to Beefmasters that he carefully three-hole-punched (using those GIANT hands) each edition and preserved them all in a binder.

We have digitized the entire set of newsletters, available here. If you were around in those early days, I think you will find it fascinating. Even if you were not involved with FBA at that time or were a member of Beefmaster Breeders Universal, you will find many people and organizations who are still a part of BBU today. Thanks to Ronnie for preserving this incredible history and to Derek for sharing. Enjoy!

June 1982
April 1984
June 1984
August 1984
November 1984
December 1984
January 1985
April 1985
June 1985
July 1985
October 1985