Isa Beefmasters Females for Sale

Isa offers groups of top bred females and open heifers throughout the year. Bred females will be AI and / or pasture exposed to top L Bar herd sires. You may call us at (325) 656 9126 or email us for more information.

We have the following cattle for sale now:

SOLD 12 spring-calving 2016-born Beefmaster heifers

AI bred to L Bar En Fuego then cleaned up to top L Bar sons for 60 days.
Calving Feb–March.

$3750 ea.

To learn more, see additional photos and download this pdf.




SOLD 4 first-calf Beefmaster three-in-ones

2-year-old heifers with their first calf at side. Exposed back May–June to top L Bar bulls.

$4250 ea.

To learn more, see additional photos and download this PDF.

SOLD 3 young fall-calving Beefmaster females

AI bred and cleaned up to our L Bar 5501 herdsire; calving August and September.

$3250 ea.

To learn more, see additional photos and download this PDF.


Profitability Key to Success of Isa Females

We sell select females private-treaty throughout the year. We offer a nice selection of young pairs and a few older cows bred to one of our semen sires. You may call us at (325) 656 9126 or email us for more information.

The Isa Beefmasters herd features registered females from the L Bar herd, which is noted for having produced the following great semen bulls: L Bar Habanero, Escalade, L Bar En Fuego, L Bar 0324, L Bar 5502, L Bar 3432, L Bar Automatic, L Bar Essential, L Bar Inevitable, L Bar 3100, L Bar 4401, L Bar 2474, L Bar 8443, L Bar 9239, L Bar 1175, L Bar 1167, L Bar 6171, L Bar 7303, L Bar 7499, and L Bar 8419.

L Bar 5502, considered by some to be the best beef bull in America, really put the L Bar herd on the map.

Needless to say, the L Bar herd is managed using Tom Lasater’s Six Essentials—Fertility, Weight, Conformation, Milk Production, Hardiness and Disposition—to evaluate cattle.

L Bar Herd Faces Rigorous Challenges

The L Bar herd is unique in several ways. The cattle run on leased pastures in a harsh semi-desert environment in West Texas and stay on a strict 60-day breeding season beginning at 13 months. All herd bulls come from the Isa Bull Performance Test, which is the largest performance test in the industry. Isa Beefmasters has a unique cow production record that clearly evaluates the profitability of each cow. We use multiple-sire herds to select for libido, and we DNA every calf to evaluate sire production.

In addition, the L Bar herd itself is a blend of the best of Lasater genetics from the tropics to the Great Basin. In sum, it is a unique herd, cultivated from top herds in difficult environments with an intensity of management and natural selection unprecedented in Beefmaster history.