Isa Beefmasters Females for Sale

Isa offers groups of top bred females, pairs and open heifers throughout the year. Bred females will be AI and / or pasture exposed to top L Bar herdsires. We use a 60-day breeding season and offer both fall- and spring-calving groups.

You may call us at (325) 656 9126 or email us for more information.

We have the following cattle for sale now:

Fall-Calving Beefmaster Females

9 first-calf bred Beefmaster heifers

AI’d to L Bar Momentum (C1095158) or L Bar 4519 (C1050589)
Calving August – September 2021.

$3850 ea.

To learn more, download this PDF.

L Bar Herd Faces Rigorous Challenges

The L Bar herd is unique in several ways. The cattle run on leased pastures in a harsh semi-desert environment in West Texas and stay on a strict 60-day breeding season beginning at 13 months. All herd bulls come from the Isa Bull Performance Test, which is the largest performance test in the industry. Isa Beefmasters has a unique cow production record that clearly evaluates the profitability of each cow. We use multiple-sire herds to select for libido, and we DNA every calf to evaluate sire production.

In addition, the L Bar herd itself is a blend of the best of Lasater genetics from the tropics to the Great Basin. In sum, it is a unique herd, cultivated from top herds in difficult environments with an intensity of management and natural selection unprecedented in Beefmaster history.