Every October Isa Beefmasters hosts the largest one-brand bull sale in the Beefmaster breed. The sale is held the first Saturday in October, and it features approximately 100 L Bar Beefmaster bulls. The bulls have gone through our unique yearlong performance test, comprised of separate gain tests on grass and feed. They are presented with a complete slate of performance data. Buyers arrive from across the U.S. and Latin America to attend this truly international event.

Isa’s 63rd bull sale will be held on Oct. 5, 2024.

Isa Beefmasters 63rd sale


History of the Beefmaster Breed

Beefmaster cattle are the first American composite breed (combination of three or more breeds). Tom Lasater began developing the breed in 1931 in South Texas. The Beefmaster breed was recognized in by the USDA in 1954.

Beefmasters are a composite breed made up of roughly one-half Bos Taurus (Hereford and Shorthorn) and one-half Bos Indicus (Nelore from Brasil, Gir & Guzerat from India). Tom Lasater closed his herd in 1937, and no outside genetics have been introduced into the Foundation Herd since that time. Intense selection for economically important traits over the last 85 years has resulted in a homozygous beef breed that has locked in the explosive growth potential of a hybrid.


Performance Beefmaster Genetics

Isa Beefmasters is very proud to have had 106 L Bar cows receive the coveted BBU Pacesetter award. This means that she calved at least by 30 months of age, she had at least three consecutive calves with a weaning ratio of 105 or better AND maintained a calving interval of 375 days or less.

On the bull side, we are the proud producer of a number of the breed’s most influential sires, such as L Bar 5502, WPR’s Total Package, L Bar En Fuego, L Bar Momentum, Automatic and Escalade.

L Bar En Fuego, pictured here at 13 years, is one of the all-time greats! He has raised eight high sellers in the Isa Bull Sale and is top 1% the breed for marbling and maternal calving ease. An incredible legacy!


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Beefmaster Cattle for Sale

We have the following cattle for sale now:

4 fall-calving, first-calf Beefmaster heifers

10 open, fall-born yearling Beefmaster heifers

10 exposed, spring-calving Beefmaster heifers

6 exposed, spring-calving Beefmaster cows

SOLD 9 fall-calving, first-calf Beefmaster heifers