Why Beefmasters?

Why Beefmasters? Our family has been following a very balanced approach to cattle selection for more than 80 years. We call our road map the Six Essentials, and we have tried doggedly to share it with anyone who will listen for three generations. So it’s refreshing to see a renewed...

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Sustainability: Truths that stand, myths that fail

Sustainability: Truths that stand, myths that fail By Lorenzo Lasater, President Sustainability is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. It is defined as "the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and hereby supporting long-term ecological balance." This definition seems like...

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Isa Informer Newsletter

From the Spring 2019 issue of the Isa Informer “Program” isn’t just a word—it’s a complete package By Lorenzo Lasater, President Many producers casually label their cattle operation a “program,” and it is such a deceptively simple word to throw around. However, years of focused work and research go into...

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Past Informer Issues

Click the following links below to download past issues of the Isa Informer newsletter. You will need Adobe Acrobat 8.0 shareware to view these PDFs. Spring 2019 Primavera 2019 en español Fall 2018 Otoño 2018 en español Spring 2018 Primavera 2018 en español Primavera 2018 em português Fall 2017 Otoño...

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