L Bar genetics excel in progeny studies

Press Release—January 12, 2023

Isa Beefmasters is pleased to report on the culmination of two significant research projects. Each one is a testimony to the investment we have placed in pushing the genetic envelope and making L Bar Beefmaster genetics evermore useful to the commercial cattle industry worldwide.

In both studies, we will provide full details in our upcoming Spring Isa Informer newsletter. But we wanted to give a sneak peek at this tremendous news.The first involves a collaboration with Beefmaster Breeders United and the Noble Research Institute in Ardmore, OK. They used two leading Beefmaster bulls (L Bar En Fuego, C988569, raised by Isa Beefmasters and owned by Gene Haymon; and CF Nueces, C1059662, raised by Collier Farms and owned by Jim Colvin). The sires were A.I. bred to their commercial Angus herd. Noble’s initial intent was to develop and study the replacement females, and that is still ongoing. But BBU was able to buy, feed and harvest the steers, with some truly fantastic results.

Steers at Nextgen Cattle Feeding, KS.

The Executive Summary: The steers gained 4.47 pounds per day, finished in 160 days (40 days faster than projected), had 0% death loss, yielded 62.6% and graded 94% choice (industry average 75%). Additionally, Warner Bratzler Shear Force (WBSF) tests were conducted by West Texas A&M University, and the steers averaged 3.86kg. (Anything under 4.6kg is considered tender.) This phenomenal performance shows what can be achieved utilizing performance Beefmaster genetics in your crossbreeding program.

Isa President Lorenzo Lasater commented, “We have long maintained that there is more to profitability than just quality grade. These results show that true success lies in a combination of feedlot performance, health, grade & yield, and the critical but hidden trait of tenderness. These Beefmaster-sired steers absolutely rang the bell in every phase.”

The second progeny test took place in Panama between 2000 and 2022. The program included 13 breeds and measured 2843 calves. Ten Beefmaster sires were used on native Zebu or Brahman-cross cattle. The intent of the study, which is ongoing, is to examine improving reproductive efficiency and increased growth as a means of improving profitability for beef cattle producers in the tropics. The study was conducted at the Gualaca Livestock Experiment Station by IDIAP.

The Executive Summary: The study showed that for AFC (age at first calf) Beefmaster crosses were the best among the 13 breeds, while birthweights held steady, and growth was significantly increased. The scientists are very excited about the significance of the results as it pertains to beef production in the tropics, where 80% of the world’s cattle reside. More importantly from our perspective, Isa Beefmasters sire L Bar En Fuego was the number one Beefmaster sire for both AFC and weaning weight.

Isa President Lorenzo Lasater commented, “The cattle industry often loses sight of the fact that profitability at the cow-calf level is predicated on low-input cattle that can handle their environment, reproduce efficiently, and wean heavy calves. No female is better at this than a Beefmaster.”

We look forward to sharing the full results in our Spring Isa Informer. We are proud of how well Isa Beefmasters genetics performed in both progeny tests. While they encompass very different aspects of Beef Cattle production, they examine several fundamental concepts in successful operations: reproductive efficiency, adaptability, growth, health, and carcass quality.

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