From the Fall 2011 issue of the Isa Informer

Decades of discipline show in EPD results

The best tool we have for comparing performance in economically important traits across the breed is EPDs. Using this as our measuring stick, the L Bar herd has far and away the most potential for positive
influence on the Beefmaster gene pool.

The BBU Sire Summary lists the 15 trait leaders in the breed for each of seven categories. In this lofty group, there are:

  • 18 L Bar sires.
  • 24 L Bar sons and grandsons.
  • An L Bar bull or son is #1 in three traits.
L Bar 5502 is the all-time performance leader and the best bull we’ve even raised.

  • He is a three-time trait leader.
  • He has 21 sons as trait leaders.
  • He is #7 for weaning weight.
  • Seven sons or grandsons are also trait leaders for weaning weight!

These results are no accident. It comes from decades of a disciplined, balanced approach to performance breeding. The L Bar line-breeding program amplifies the various best traits. The intensive performance testing these bulls go through during their development phase, culminating in the Isa Performance Test, identifies the very best genetics to push towards the future.

The good news is you can tap in to all of this goodness by using L Bar bulls, semen and embryos. There are several lifetimes of performance genetic work wrapped up in these cattle!

Please call us at (325) 656 9126 or email us to learn more about improving your herd with L Bar Beefmaster genetics.

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