From the Fall 2002 issue of the Isa Informer

Choice cuts from BIF convention

I recently attended the Beef Improvement Federation Convention in Omaha. The theme was “Focus on Efficiency.” Following are a few nuggets I picked up that you may find interesting.

  • We currently have a grading system, which simultaneously rewards the production of fat (grade) and lean (yield).
  • Don’t lose the value of heterosis by turning them all black.
  • Don’t harm the cow’s ability to convert low quality forage.
  • Efficiency measures the effectiveness of resource allocation.
  • As you increase the genetic potential for performance, you increase your costs.
  • The tonnage of beef produced today is the same as the 1970s—with 23% fewer cows.
  • A 10% change in feed efficiency will improve feedlot efficiency by 48%.
  • More efficient cattle lay down their gains as lean.
  • We must select for optimal—not maximum— performance in a given trait or, better yet, a set of traits.

Lorenzo Lasater,

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