From the Fall 2004 issue of the Isa Informer

What is going on in the industry?
(Besides good markets and good rains in a lot of places)

Seedstock Digest, in a recent newsletter, said, “The consensus seems to be that the next trend will be on identifying and propagating maternal excellence, while others are pointing towards feed efficiency as one of the next trends that will drive breeding decisions.”

Well, Hello! Tom Lasater realized in 1931 that practical fertility in low-cost, large-scale operations was the key to profitability. Subsequent experience has shown that selecting for maternal excellence results also in outstanding feedlot performance (gainability and livability), as well as results in the packing house (hot carcass, yield, tenderness, and cutability).

The calves sired by the bulls you buy here will outperform anything you can buy anywhere—on the ranch, in the feedlot and in the meat.

Our family’s 140-plus years of ranching experience can back up this statement.

The American Gelbvieh Association says the following about Single Trait Selection:

  • In the 1980s, selection for frame score resulted in hard-doing females, increased calving problems and fertility problems.
  • The new fad is marbling, whose relation to tenderness is questionable.
  • High-marbling cattle have lost big money due to higher feed cost and more external fat.
  • Balanced multi-trait selection is the proven way to breed profitable cattle.

Tom Lasater and his followers have never deviated from selection for the Six Essentials, which is the only viable Standard of Excellence.

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