August 19, 2014

International Breeders have BIG Time in Cowtown

The Beefmaster International Group (BIG) Event brought together representatives from the Texas Department of Agriculture, Central Texas Beefmaster Breeders Association, U.S. Livestock Genetics Export Inc. and the TCU Ranch Management program in a special presentation for Central and South American cattlemen visiting the United States.

Participants from Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and South Africa attended seminars focusing on ranch management practices and performance data to help improve their beef quality and distribution. They also toured working Beefmaster cattle ranches in north Texas for field demonstrations.

In the video above, we traveled along with the international visitors to Fort Worth, Texas, and surrounding towns for the 2014 Beefmaster International Group (B.I.G.) Event! We visited with international committee co-chairman Lorenzo Lasater about the week’s events and even captured video and photos of our international guests giving testimony to Beefmasters working internationally. Enjoy and share!

For more information about Beefmaster Go International, please contact the BBU office at (210) 732 3132 or or visit

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