Crossing Beefmasters with EU Dairy Cows? Expediting European Beefmaster Breed Growth using Native Cow Herds

Editor’s Note: This post is by my friend and Beefmaster partner Doyle Sanders. He has been working to introduce Beefmasters into Europe, beginning with Italy and Poland. The dairy concept has application to many regions of the world into which Beefmasters are expanding.

By M. Doyle Sanders, DBL D BAR Ranch Beefmasters-Industry/New Ulm, TX
Planning for initial embryo transfer operations in Italy and Poland intended use of cattle within their existing operations. The Italian herd was built from a historic old breed of Marremano cattle that has been in the region for over 2,000 years crossed with continental breeds such as Angus, Simmental, Hereford, and Charolais. The Polish herd was built from crossing Holstein dairy cows with Limousin bulls imported from Germany and upgraded with further Limousin genetics. This limited the number of “recips” available at both operations due to existing production demands at each ranch….

NCBA Convention #Beefmeet

I recently attended the National Cattleman’s Beef Association (NCBA, annual convention in San Diego California.

The NCBA convention and trade show is always a whirlwind of meetings, a massive trade show, visits with customers and a rocking good time.

Isa Beefmasters ( shared booth space in the trade show with Beefmaster Breeder United (, The Texoma Bull Sale ( and Vaughan Family Farms (( The trade show was a little slower than previous years, but Beefmasters made a good showing. The BBU Board even met here which was very cool!…

Sustainability: Truths that stand, myths that fail

Sustainability is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. It is defined as “the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and hereby supporting long-term ecological balance.” This definition seems like an awfully good description of what cow-calf producers do every day. Sadly though, there are those who accuse our industry of being unsustainable. This claim has less to do with reality than the hidden agenda of groups who wish to end production agriculture. But perception can become reality in the minds of an uninformed public, so ranchers have a duty to stand up for themselves and share the wonderful story of grass-based ranching…