From the Fall 1999 issue of the Isa Informer

The Isa Performance Test Handbook

The Isa Cattle Co. performance test and sale is the largest in the Beefmaster industry and is unique in many ways. The bulls offered each year represent the top 35% of approximately 600 bull calves weaned. Not a single bull has been topped off. You can buy the absolute best we know how to produce.This is the 38th group [1999] of bulls that have been tested in this format. The data we provide, combined with the way it is collected and careful appraisal, has proven to be an extremely accurate way to select the best bulls in each price range.

The first eight months of the test are spent under practical ranch conditions, growing frame and developing the athleticism so critical to the bulls’ performance in difficult environments. We then finish with a 50-day Gain Test on a low-energy ration, which is scientifically designed to show genetic differences in gainability without getting the bulls too fat. Our customers from all parts of the world will tell you these bulls hold up when you get them home.

Format Caters to Customers

Our sale format is planned for our customers. We sell the two age groups, long-yearlings and twos, in roughly descending order of quality. The bulls are penned and cataloged in sale order, which means that each buyer can target the area of the sale corresponding to their budget without jumping from page to page in the catalog. The producers in the Isa group hand-pick the first 30 bulls as suitable for use in registered herds.

As the sale progresses, the price goes down, which means a volume buyer can “average down” during the event. The bulls are excellent quality throughout the sale, so you have only to mark off those that do not suit your needs, and then let your target average price determine which bulls you buy. The biggest mistake buyers make is not starting to buy early in the sale.

Isa’s Unconditional Guarantee

Countless Isa customers have told us how much they appreciate the simplicity of the sale, which allows them to focus on the business at hand. All of the bulls have a complete health background, are fertility tested and ready for service. And they are backed up by the Isa guarantee. While others say their bulls are guaranteed, we back it up.

Wealth of Information in Sale Catalog

Except for birthweights, all of the performance data in the catalog is gathered by Isa Cattle Co., and each set of measurements is taken in a one-day period. This enables all bulls to have an equal chance to show their potential. We believe that the off-test weight, ribeye and scrotal measurements within each brand group are key. Our breeders have paid for measurement of over 4,000 ribeyes.

We list each bull’s dam in the catalog, and the first digit of her number corresponds to her year of birth. We believe that the age of the dam is very important and is basic to our selection process. An outstanding son of a 2- or 3-year-old dam shows exceptional potential. The outstanding son of an older cow carries longevity in his genes, one of the most important traits economically.The producers in our group have made a heavy investment in DNA testing to identify the sires. This enables us to track what the bulls are doing, while still putting selection pressure on libido by using multi-sire herds. Using multi-sire herds and requiring heifers to calve at 24 months set Lasater genetics apart from all other cattle families.

Quality of Bulls Validates Test

The proof of the validity of the Isa Cattle Co. Performance Test lies in the great semen bulls that have come out of this program: L Bar 8443, L Bar 9239, L Bar 1175, L Bar 1164, L Bar 5502, L Bar 6171 and L Bar 7303. L Bar 8443 is now in the BBU Sire Summary among the top 15 for yearling weight. Even more important, he is second in that group for birthweight.We are proud to sell top-quality, tough, well-grown-out bulls in a user-friendly format to professional cattlemen, and we provide complete after-the-sale marketing assistance to those desiring it.

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