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Home of Lasaters' L Bar Beefmasters, Isa Beefmasters is very proud to have had 100 L Bar cows receive the coveted BBU Pacesetter award. This means that she calved at least by 30 months of age, she had at least three consecutive calves with a weaning ratio of 105 or better AND maintained a calving interval of 375 days or less.

Isa Cattle Company Pacesetter AwardBBU publishes the trait leaders for each of the EPDs, and there are 42 L Bar bulls or sons of L Bar bulls that are trait leaders in the Beefmaster breed. That is an unprecedented 40% of all trait leaders for the entire breed—more than any other breeding establishment! We are also the proud producer of L Bar 5502, the all-time performance champion in the Beefmaster breed, having topped the charts in weaning weight, yearling weight and scrotal circumference EPDs.

Introducing our Newest Herd Bull:
L Bar Habanero

L Bar HabaneroAs one of the largest sources of Beefmasters genetics in the world, Isa Beefmasters in San Angelo, Texas, is proud to introduce our newest herd bull: L Bar Habanero!

A top performer in every phase of his development, L Bar Habanero will put some heat in your program!

L Bar Habanero is long, red and clean, perfectly muscled with a perfect disposition. Learn more about L Bar Habanero.

Females for Sale at Isa Beefmasters

Isa Beefmasters has exceptional demand for our L Bar females, and we sell select females private-treaty each year. The L Bar herd is unique in several ways. The cattle are run on leased pastures in a harsh semi-desert environment in West Texas and stay on a strict 60-day breeding season beginning at 13 months. Isa Beefmasters offers a nice selection of young pairs and a few older cows bred to one of our semen sires. Learn more about profitability being key to the success of Isa females.

Excellent Cattle For Sale Now

6 spring-bred Beefmaster first-calf heifers

4 L Bar Beefmaster fall pairs SOLD

5 Beefmaster fall pairs SOLD

3 spring-bred Beefmaster females SOLD

10 open fall-born Beefmaster yearling heifers SOLD

L Bar Beefmasters Fall-Calvers for Sale

Visit our Females For Sale page for more details.

Bulls for Sale at Isa Beefmasters

Isa Cattle Co 55th Bull Sale on Oct. 1, 2016

Thank you to our loyal customers for making our 55th sale a success! We are already hard at work preparing our 56th group of bulls for you!

Every October, Isa Beefmasters hosts one of the largest bull sales in the Beefmaster breed. The sale is held the first Saturday each October, and it features approximately 150 L Bar Beefmaster bulls. These bulls represent the top 33% of bull calves weaned. You can buy the absolute best bulls we produce. Buyers arrive from across the U.S., Mexico, and South America to attend this truly international event. Learn more about Isa hosting our 56th bull sale.

56th Bull Sale—October 7, 2017